An article providing an overview of Austrianova Singapore’s development of encapsulated cell treatments for cancer, has just been published in BioSpectrum Asia, the leading biotechnology industry magazine in Asia. The invited article entitled “‘Suicide genes’ is the next step to cure cancer” highlights the clinical success in the treatment of solid tumors in the company’s clinical trials for the treatment of pancreatic and breast cancer as well as preclinical data for tumors such as hepatocellular (liver) cancer, ovarian cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, colon cancer metastases and even possibly brain tumors such as glioma/glioblastoma. The publication also covers how this ongoing research offers the possibility of “personalized” therapies as well combination therapies to potentially increase successes in treating cancer patients. Finally, the article points out that encapsulated cells can also be used to attack tumors by placing them in the body and allowing continuous production of tumor toxic, targeted antibodies, such as Herceptin® or anti-tumor agents such as tumor necrosis factor or anti-angiogenic factors. <Click here for access to full article>