We have shown the incredible physical robustness of Cell-in-a-Box® capsules placed under compression forces using a piston (see video) and also the stability of capsules when they are injected through a needle. Cell-in-a-Box® capsules are also stable for many months in cell culture as well as for years when frozen at -80°C.

Cell-in-a-Box® Standard Capsules Compression

We recently found some vials of capsules that had been stored at room temperature from one of the first batches prepared over 20 years ago and compared them to current capsules produced recently at our facility. The photos confirm the stability of the original capsules as well as demonstrates the improvement in uniformity of our current production method.


About Austrianova

Austrianova, (www.austrianova.com) part of the SG Austria Group, is a biotech company with a global footprint and headquarters in Singapore. Austrianova utilizes a novel and proprietary technology for the encapsulation of living mammalian (Cell-in-a-Box®) and bacterial (Bac-in-a-Box®) cells. Cell-in-a-Box® protects the encapsulated human or animal cells from rejection by the immune system and allows cells to be easily transported, stored and implanted at specific sites in patients. The technology, which has been proven safe and efficacious in clinical trials carried out in Europe, allows companies to develop a wide range of standard cells as one-for-all living pharmaceuticals. Bac-in-a-Box® is a similar protective device adapted for encapsulation of bacteria and yeast, including probiotics, and has both human food as well as animal feed applications due to its ability to extend storage under lyophilized conditions and to protect encapsulated bacteria against destruction by stomach acid. Austrianova now also offers GMP4Cells that includes competitively priced Master Cell Bank and Working Cell Bank production as well as “Fill and Finish” services for cell therapy products (such as stem cell therapies, biologics produced from cells e.g. vaccines, antibodies, recombinant proteins etc).