Cell-in-a-Box encapsulated enzyme producing cells have been shown to maintain enzyme production over long periods both in vitro and in vivo. They are protected from immune rejection by Cell-in-a-Box


Many diseases are due to a lack of enzymes. These deficiencies can be offset by administration of enzymes resulting in reductions in symptoms but not a cure. In some cases, enzymes can be used to treat diseases that are caused by other mechanisms. These enzymes have to be given repeatedly leading to peaks and troughs in their levels in the body. Sometime the body will reject these enzymes due to an immune response. Cell-in-a-Box™ encapsulated cells can provide continuous, steady state levels of missing enzymes or “top up” the levels in patients producing too low levels.

Advantages of this kind of enzyme replacement/therapy include:

  • A more biological treatment of diseases, avoiding variable levels of enzyme
  • Avoidance of immune responses, rejection or clearance
  • Long term continuous treatment
  • Safer treatment