Bac-in-a-Box can be used to improve and enhance crop growth and to protect agricultural products from spoilage and infection.

Encapsulation of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

Biological Pest Control


Fish Farming

Encapsulation of NITROGEN  FIXING BACTERIA  using Bac-in-a-Box®

Co-encapsulation of seeds and nitrogen fixing bacteria can give crops a head start.


Encapsulation of bacteria or viruses used to control pests. These capsules can be dropped onto the fields from an airplane.

BIOSENSORS using Bac-in-a-Box®

Encapsulation of indicator organisms that react to environmental influences with a clear, easy-to-monitor change.

FISH FARMING using Bac-in-a-Box®

Improvement of water quality by oxygen production from encapsulated plant cells.

Also can be used in the field of agriculture, to, for example, help improve the survival and growth of crops, as well as to increase crop yield and to prevent spoilage.

As the encapsulation material, Gel8, is cellulose based, products created using Bac-in-a-Box® technology are ideally suited for uses in agriculture; it has the advantage of being naturally occurring and biodegradable.

Advantages of encapsulating cells for use in agriculture:

  • Have long term effects
  • Can be easily stored, transported and used
  • Can be easily removed
  • Capsules are mode of biological materials