Bac-in-a-Box allows living bacteria and yeast to grow up within the capsule. The full capsules can be freeze dried and the encapsulated bacteria or yeast are then protected from spoilage at room temperature. Upon rehydration of Bac-in-a-Box, the bacteria or yeast become active and are protected from being killed by stomach acid before being released in the intestines
Any living bacteria can be encapsulated to provide them with a micro-environment in which to grow. Small molecules can diffuse in and out through the porous capsule


Austrianova is a B2B company that offers a living cell bioencapsulation technology called Bac-in-the-Box® that has a proven safety record. Your company sends your bacteria or yeast to us, we encapsulate them either at research or GMP grade and send them back to you. Our living cell encapsulation technology encloses your bacteria or yeast cells in porous beads made of biocompatible, biologically inert, cellulose sulphate polymers. Encapsulated bacteria and yeast are protected from harsh environments such as low pH as found in the stomach for extended periods (hours). Further, encapsulated bacteria can be freeze dried and easily transported or stored at ambient temperature without spoilage.


Bac-in-a-Box protection of living bacteria and yeast not only provides a uniquely resistant product that survives long term acid exposure with virtually no losses (at least 4 logs better than competing technologies), but it also enables packaging and storage as a dry, rehydratable product with excellent stability at room temperature. It can be used in human and animal food supplements and microbiome interventions as well as in farming, aquaculture and water remediation, as well as in cosmeceuticals and cosmetics. An exciting new use is in the protection of bacterial mixtures during fecal transplantation for delivery and colonization of the bacteria or yeast in the lower intestine.