Austrianova/SGAustria is pleased to announce that during the last year it has made major progress and achieved some significant milestones. During 2022, as well as our ongoing projects, the Company has acquired three new partners all involved in cutting edge therapy development in the cell therapy/regenerative medicine space at its state of the art Cell-in-a-Box®/GMP4Cells facility in Thailand. Indeed, one of these partners is already making a highly sort after commercial product for the market. In addition, the Company has successfully completed three projects with three international clients at its Thai facility. 

Likewise, great strides have also been made with Bac-in-a-Box® at the Company’s Singapore facility with an extension of our existing contract with L’Oreal as well as excellent data from a field trial of delivery of biologically active bacteria in farm animals and new applications of the technology in human food and drinks. Both facilities have been or are in the process of being expanded to cope with these additional activities. Another highlight of this year was the ISO 9001:2015 certification awarded to our Thai facility. This year also saw an alliance forged with Kingen Biotech as well as the commencement of a relationship with one of Europe’s foremost medical centres. Moreover, Austrianova continued its participation as a founder member in the Thailand Life Sciences Cluster as well as a member of the Leave a Nest family.